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Server Changelog:

  • Enabled Labyrinth of Dimension (Beta Stage ~ no rewards for the moment till next week)
  • Enabled Unseal of BA items.
  • Enabled Cancel Item Sale in NPC.
  • Fixed Resistance of Ice ring & pendant, Lightning Pendant and posion ring.
  • Fixed Inability to manually Stack Dark Jewels.
  • Fixed durability decrease for Jewels of Harmony and Refinery Packs.
  • Fixed Possible gain of zen by overusing invalid price of selected jewels.
  • Fixed ability to store unlimited count of Elena's Letter in inventory, max count is 10.
  • Fixed invalid move location after use of Town Portal in Arca Battle area.
  • Fixed hints not working for Scramble Event.
  • Fixed usage of stacked Jewel of Life on Pets to recover their HP causing lose of entire jewels stack.
  • Fixed elemental damage does not apply on Shinning Peak Enhanced skill.
  • Fixed selected rings durability decrease problem,
  • Fixed Fireburst skill distance issue.
  • Fixed curse damage of summoner books.
  • Removed Apprentice Rune Wizard Ancient Set from General drop.
  • Change Zen coin to eCoins as default coin for Store. Now you can sell for eCoins without the need to use /offtrade. which will also help to prevent scams when using /offtrade system.
  • Increased Blood Castle monster count required to lower the bridge.
  • Increased Blood Castle Gate & Statue HP.
  • Added Early Finish Restriction of 7 minutes to Blood Castle.
  • New monsters on Devil Square 1~7
  • Increased Ecoins earned in Silver & Golden boxes from 3 and 10 to 5 and 15.
  • Increased Silver & Golden Key GP from 149 and 299 to 199 and 399.
  • Increased 5 times chance to obtain a Golden Box from a Boss monster and 2 times from a junior boss (maya hands, dark elf, erohim).
  • Reduced 35% zen drop amount in Non-PvP Server.
  • Decreased zen bonus for low maps in PvP and Non-PvP (Non-PvP decrease is slightly larger).
  • Added potions to Lumen the Barmaid NPC.
  • Increased /post command cost from 20,000 zen to 30,000 zen.
  • Allowed Exp potions to be stored in vault.
  • Muun eggs now can be dropped to create space in event inventory.
  • Other changes and fixes.

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Server Info

Version:Season 14 EP1
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Fecha de inicio:Recien Inaugurado

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