Dear Mutizens,

There is good news that Mutizens have waited so long!
Finally, the FIRST Castle Siege Battle will be held on July 7, 2019.


Who will be the first MUtizens to own the Inka Castle?
Please see below for the Castle Siege Schedule!

NOTE: We will be performing a Castle Siege Test this weekend. All guilds (which meet the requirements) had been registered already you don't need to do any further action other than test the event. Winner of this Castle Siege Test will receieve 30 miracle coins to each Guild Master.

**This Schedule may be subject to change**

Schedule  Date and Time
Guild Registration Period July 1, Monday 00:00 AM ~ July 2, Tuesday 23:59 PM (Server Time)
Registration Period 
for Mark of Lord
July 3, Wednesday 02:00 AM ~ July 4, Thursday 23:59 PM (Server Time)

July 5, Friday 02:00 AM ~ 12:00PM (Server Time)

Castle Preparation July 5, Friday 12:01 PM ~ July 7, Sunday 1:59 PM (Server Time)
Siege Warfare July 7, Sunday 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM (Server Time)


To learn more about Castle Siege, please visit the link below:


**Rewards for first Castle Siege** 

1.  Ally Guild of Castle Owner: XAA (Excellent Absolute Archangel)  x 3 (each one to each Ally Guild Master)
2.  Guilds who participated the Castle Siege:  Horn of Fenrir x 1 to all Guild Masters & Guilds Assistants that participate in Castle Siege.


**Rewards for Owning Castle Siege** 

1.  Access to Land of Trial - Map has ancient item drop and fenrir material drop probability.
2.  Access to Lord Mix - Probability of obtain a 3~4 opt excellent item, Horn of Fenrir, Horn of Fenrir +Protect, Horn of Fenrir +Destroy, Horn of Fenrir +Illusion. (Can Only be Used by Castle Owner and Once per day).
3. Charge Taxes to all MU Continent NPC Transactions.



**Regarding Reward Distribution** 

1. You should send an email to [email protected] to receive rewards.
[Reward Claim Period]: 7/07/2019 15:00 ~ 15/07/2019 23:59 (Server Time) 

2. Please send the type of weapon you would like to receive.
-  Sword / Staff / Scepter / Stick / Bow / Claw / Lance

�?� You can choose a same type of weapon.

 [Reward Distribution]: 16/07/2019 or before 


We hope Mutizens to participate the first Castle Siege!


Thank You
MU Support Team

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