For this summer event we’ve prepared variety of events, full of surprises and gifts! Here is what we have prepared for our MU fans! -- Event Period 30/06 ~ 08/07


Get 20% Extra ecoins & Rewards
Boost Your Level Up and enjoy our 20% extra ecoins bonus in all our donation channels plus 10% extra if you donate through the following channels:

Donation channel Recommended Countrries
Wester Union All countries
Money Gram All countries
Argenper Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia
Bank Transfer Perú

Note: Visit to see our exchange rates for each of our donation channels available.


The Golden Colossus 
The continent of MU is under attack! Protect the land from an invasion of Golden Monsters to unlock random rewards which may include jewels, zen, misc, and Angel & Devil wings. Golden Goblins have been released into the lands of Kanturu, Aida, Tarkan, Karutan and Acheron. When defeated, these creatures may drop a Book of Invocation that will summon other Golden Monsters.


Lost Horses
A herd of horses seems to have separated from their merchants and lost in the lands of Lorencia. They were left with a lot of valuable items like excellent items +7~+9 (Items examples are Wind, Brass, Sphinx and similars), Bless of Lights, Jewels and lots of Zen. Go hunt them all. Spawn everyday at 7AM, 1PM, 7PM and 10PM (Server Time). Blue horse has chance to drop 2nd wing box, find it !


Battle Soccer League
Party Up! and compete against other for the glory. Battle soccer consists of an event of 5vs5 where the objective is to gain points as show in the table below:

Event Points
Kill a player 1 pts
Kill a guild master 2 pts
Score a goal 20 pts

This is a guild event, and only 1 party (with 5 characters) per guild can participate. There is an entry free according to your bracket and a prize pool for 1st (70%) and 2nd (30%) place as shown in table below.

Bracket Entry fee Prize pool
Above level 400 200 Jewel of bless 5000 ecoins
Below level 400 100 Jewel of bless 2500 ecoins


**How to register** 

You must send an email to [email protected] with the name of your guild, members that make up the party and bracket to be registered. You can have up to 1 substitute player. Guild master must leave event entry free in their vault that will be taken by the staff. Last day to register is friday 5/07 23:59PM (Server Time)

**Battle Schedule** 

Below level 400 bracket will play in the afternoon 4:00PM (Server Time) -- Saturday 6 June.
Above level 400 bracket will play in the morning 10:00AM (Server Time) -- Saturday 6 June.


**How to Play** 

To play Soccer you have to use the command /soccer guildname both guild master must accept the challange and both partys will be teleported to the soccer field. You can have a party of up to 5 party members including the guild master.


**Claim your Reward** 
Your reward will be given to the guild master and he is responsible to distribute it to other party members if he decide to on Monday 8 June.

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