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First BRE month of the year and here we are with these amazing events and bonuses for this september month. Go hunt, event and more! Event Period: 09/09 ~ 30/09.

Get 20% Extra ecoins & Free Goblin Points
Donate Now and receive 20% Extra Ecoins, get your buffs and boost your level.

Also get FREE goblin points when purchasing any talisman in our in-game shop. You will receive 20% worth of Goblin points for any amount spent on talismans (incl. Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Elemental Talisman of Luck and Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly).

Limited Time Promotion
Get our Master Level Packages and Boost your Level Up for Cheap! Get a bunch of bonuses and buffs for heavily discounted price when purchased all together with our package and a lot of freebies. There are 3 packages with different setups for your like. Also if you got bad luck with our NPC James it is your time to shine with our Mysterious Boxes where you can get a mysterious stone, ruuds, talisman of elemental change, tradeable seal, jewels and zen.

Note: Remember these are only temporal and will be removed after event period ends.

30% EXP Boost
Enjoy this month event like never, and go into beast mode with this +30% EXP Boost. This is your time to get ahead, go and domain those Hot Spots and squeeze that party bonus.

Imperial Fortress Inauguration Event
During event period ONLY you can obtain a Hero Ancient Soul (unseal any sealed blood angel inmediatelly to +11+16) as part of boss drop from Monday to Sunday. Event was redesigned to your joy.

Monkey Thieves Invasion
Monkey Thieves are inviding Lorencia everyday at 7:00AM, 1:00PM, 7:00PM, 10:00PM Server Time, they think they are super badass and will stand anyone who challenges him. Go and hunt them all for amazing rewards like, items excellents, bless of light, jewels, zen and unique Wing Box (2nd wings for any class) !


Thank you very much,
Inka MU Staff


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