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Happy Halloween Special is being celebrated in MU Continent, a lot of events and more are happening right now. Event Period: Oct 14 ~ Nov 04.  

Get 20% Extra ecoins & Buy 1 Get 2 Event
Donate Now and receive 20% Extra Ecoins, get your buffs and boost your level.

Also get DOUBLE the # number of event tickets that you purchase in our in-game shop (Ecoins only). You will receive same amount EXTRA for any amount spent event ticket purchased (incl. Blood Castle, Devil Square, Imperial Fortress and Kalima). I.e if you purchase ticket for 10 uses you will receive 20 uses and so on.

Double Your Ruuds
During event period all Mastery Boxes will give Double Ruuds, revive the nostalgia and go play your most beloved mini-games in event square. All events included: Blood castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Imperial Fortress and DoppelGanger.

Pumpkin of Luck
Lots of Pumpkin will be drop in MU continent during event period with a lot of prizes including buffs, zen, ruuds and transformation rings for you to enjoy the festivity.

Kasa-obake Invasion
These special ghost have invaded the floors of Lost Tower 1~7, gank them everyday at 7:00AM, 1:00PM, 4:00PM, 6:00PM, 8:00PM, 10:00PM Server Time, they will bring you special prizes including zen, jewels, bless of light, pet skeleton and ring skeleton and rare wing box.

Note: Pet skeleton gives 20% boost EXP and an additional of 5% EXP when paired with a transformation ring (skeleton or panda).

Conquest of Chaos Castle
During event period ONLY you will earn a LIMITED Conqueror Wings for 14 days everytime you manage to win ANY Chaos Castle. Including Chaos Castle 1~7. These wings can be used by any class from level 1.


Thank you very much,
Inka MU Staff


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