When the temperature goes up, you know what that means... it's summer event time! Don't stay under the blazing sun, stay indoors with us! We've prepared a variety of events, full of surprises and gifts!


Event Period: 31/01 after maintenance ~ 11/02 before maintenance.


MU Roulette
Spin the Roulette and earn FREE Ecoins, Ruuds and free spins. You can play the Roulette by access your UserCP panel and click on MU Roulette module, each spin costs 50 goblin points. Go test your chances, everybody wins!


+20% Ecoins & Prizes
Donate Now and receive 20% Extra Ecoins, take advatange of our bundles packages, get your buffs and boost your level up. Additionally according to the amount donated you can earn an special muun prize as shown in the table below:


Amount Donated Muun reward Attribute Active Multiplier (1 month)
2000 eCoins Bell (Normal Type) Increases Max Attack/Magical/Curse damage +24 (PvP) if Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, then option is multiplied by 8
3000 eCoins The Great Fairy Kara Increases Skill Damage +35 (non-PvP) If you've Equip Muun, stats are multiplied by 8
4000 eCoins Great Wizard Eithamu Increases Elemental Defense +35 (non-PvP) If you've Equip Muun, stats are multiplied by 8


Note: Donations done through paypal must send an email to [email protected] requesting their deserved muun. All muuns will be delivered at max level and with 1 month of multiplied option since the day of redeem at your gremory case (server). Bonus ecoins are NOT considered in the sum.


Errtel Upgrade Event
Need a boost against those elemental monsters? We got you pal, during the event period all errtels will have 100% rate chance to obtain PvM Bonus (instead PvP). Caution: You won't get PvP Errtels during the event period so be aware.


LV. 900 Master Race (Exp Boost Event)
Get 100% EXP Boost. Reaching the Soul Mora has not been easier than ever, take advatange of this boost and reach as much level until Lv. 900 as you can during the event period.


Chaos Castle Competizione
This is PvP time for alll of you Lv. 770+. Win a Chaos Castle and earn the newest Power Wings for 21 days! Only available in Chaos Castle 7.


Character Change Name (LIMITED)
For anniversary only you will be allowed to change your character name (it costs 500 ecoins) in your UserCP. It is time for a new fresh badass nickname for your character, make your character name be remembered. Change it now!

New Normal and Premium Season Muuns 
Go hunt them all, enjoy our muuns for these seasons or go premium and buy muun eggs from our in-game shop. Either way you will love them!


Thank you very much for being part of this family all this time and more to come,
Inka MU Staff

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