Our goal is to provide the MU Online experience that had been lost due to greediness of WebZen, giving our players a fair gameplay where skill and knowledge will triumph. The more you play the richer and stronger you become, we have crafted systems to reward you for your activity and give you the edge you need to dominate the game. We invite you all MU Online players from the good old times and new ones as well to join this amazing server.

We are more than just a private MU server, we are community, a pasion, a family. For years to come, good gaming.

General Server Information
Weekly Castle Siege and Arka War
Get FREE eCoins by playing, hunt Silver & Gold Boxes to receive eCoins (HOT)
Antihack, Anti-DDoS, Dedicated Server 24/7, Launcher Auto-Update
VersionExperience Drop rateMax Normal LvlMax Master Lvl
Season 1515x50%Lvl 400Lvl 1200
SpotsMana Pots MedalsMU HelperNPC Shops
5 mobsPack x30Items +6~+9Lvl 10Default
Exclusive Features
  • Offlevel: Allows you to close MU Client and leave your Characters AFK attacking. (You can shut down your PC)

  • Offtrade: Allows you to sell in your personal store (any currency) while your character is offline in Loren Market.

  • Party Matching: Enables you find members to join your party or to join an available party either publicly or privately.

  • Reconnect System: In case of connection issues, system will attempt to reconnect you within the next 60 seconds if successfully you will be back in-game.

  • DC a Friend: In case you need to disconnect a friend account because he's AFK you can do so by using this command (you need to know his password for this to work).

  • Account Lock System: Allows you to lock your account to secure it against thieves. Giving you extra protection for our peace of mind.

  • Marry System: Marry your crush and gain special powers. After marriage you can use command /teleport to locate teleport immediately to your mate. (Cannot be use in special maps or events)

Character Level Creation
You need at least one character in the required level to unlock it.
CharacterLevel Requirement
Dark KnightLv. 1
Dark WizardLv. 1
Fairy ElfLv. 1
SummonerLv. 1
Rune WizardLv. 1
Magic GladiatorLv. 1
Dark LordLv. 1
Rage FighterLv. 1
Grow LancerLv. 1
Event List
Our events provide an EXP Boost that rewards active users.
Arca War DoppelGanger Labyrinth Of Dimension
Blood CastleKalima EventChaos Castle Survival
Devil SquareKanturu EventTormented Square
Chaos CastleBalgass EventIllusion Temple Championship
White Wizard InvasionMuun EventRoyal Rumble (HOT)
Golden InvasionRaklion EventSurvival Series
Dragon EventCastle SiegePvP Championships Series
Loren DeepCore Magriffy (HOT)Puppey Invasion (HOT)
Battle SoccerAcheron GuardianMini-Games
Kanturu EventFerea Battle (HOT)Golden Collosus
Imperial GuardianLord Silvester (HOT)Nixie Boss
Medusa EventEvomon EventGod of Darkness (HOT)
Why Inka MU is your next Server?
  • Big community with 3000+ Fan base and growing.

  • Our server configuration is unmatchable. Nothing is left to chance.

  • We perform regularly maintenances to keep game update and running in perfect conditions.

  • We do perform continually paid advertising aiming to increase our user base day to day.

  • Our ethics are up to high standards, meaning you will receive equal treatment as anyone else.

  • We do this as a way of living, failure has a great punishment for us. MU is in our veins all days.

  • Finally, we love this game as much as you probably do. We made a lot of friends here, and we expect you do at least few in our servers.

Screenshots of our server

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Server Info

Version:Season 16 EP2
More Info:Click Here
Total Accounts12,175
Online Users281
Fecha de inicio:27 April, 2019

Castle Siege

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Guild Master
Battle Begins In
2d 23h 9m 16s

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